Digitize entrance exams

With a state-of-the-art online tool that screens tens of thousands of students every year. We have been innovating education for almost 30 years, saving you time and money, as well as other universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Simplify the entrance exams for yourself and your students

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Saving hundreds of hours

Organizing a full-time exam takes faculty staff upwards of hundreds of hours. With ScioLink, you can reduce the workload and spend the time you save on activities that really deserve it.

Technology under control

We only ask applicants for the most relevant data and process all data in accordance with strict data protection rules. We set boundaries so that technology serves, not rules.

Technologie pod kontrolouTechnologie pod kontrolou
Férový průběh zkoušky

Fair examination process

ScioLink enables unambiguous identification of the candidate as well as a thorough check of the regularity of the examination. The same rules apply to everyone and you are assured of fair play.

Testing from anywhere

Applicants do not have to travel from different parts of the country, Europe or the world. Instead of staying in hotels and searching for classrooms, they just log in to the application. They take away the stress, perform at their best and you get the best students.

Testování odkudkolivTestování odkudkoliv


Be part of a good company

Juraj Mokrý
Faculty Vice-dean
"For the third year we have been organising online entrance exams together with Scio tools. We were able to apply our own tests, adjust the time and date and save on testing centres abroad, but also internal resources at the faculty."
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Financial Times
Tech Champions Competition
„Education worldwide has been thrown into chaos by Covid-19, with lockdowns and other disruption affecting more than 220m tertiary-level students. By using AI and machine learning, the Czech groups hope that their software will enable fairer on-line exams.”
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From pandemic to fine-tuned application

Years of experience developing and using a proctoring application for universities in one document. Save hours of searching for resources and learn the essentials.

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Od pandemie k vyladene aplikaciOd pandemie k vyladene aplikaci


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We have been innovating education for almost 30 years

We belong to the Scio family. Whenever we need a specialist to prepare test questions, methodology or analysis, we have the best experts in the Czech Republic in-house.


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