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Sciolink function


Sciolink function

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Sciolink function

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Sciolink function

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From pandemic to fine-tuned application

Years of experience developing and using a proctoring application for universities in one document. Save hours of searching for resources and learn the essentials.

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Od pandemie k vyladene aplikaciOd pandemie k vyladene aplikaci

Frequently Asked Questions

What you often ask us

Is ScioLink just a proctoring app?

ScioLink offers much more. It enables you to take comprehensive online entrance exams. We will prepare the tests, organize the testing, set up a proctoring check and evaluate the tests in the application.

Can I connect ScioLink to our school Learning Management System (LMS)?

I can't do it directly at the moment. However, we can import test questions from other systems, e.g. Moodle.

What type of testing is ScioLink suitable for?

We developed ScioLink primarily for high-stakes tests where regularity control is essential. Thus, thanks to proctoring, ScioLink excels most in entrance exams. However, it is also very useful for low-stakes exams, OHS testing or language testing. ScioLink offers great flexibility - it allows you to prepare exams from different types of tasks, use video or audio demonstrations, set different rules for going through the test, randomly mix the order of answers or the possibility to return to the previous question.

Can ScioLink be used outside the university environment?

Yes. You can apply it to any standardized testing system. The range is unlimited - professional certifications, industry tests, HR agenda, language exams, etc.

Is the online exam comparable to the face-to-face exam?

Yes. We have successfully run tens of thousands of high-stakes trials online and performed psychometric analyses. Some participants prefer the online environment, others prefer the face-to-face format. Thus, on an individual level, participants' results may differ, but from the perspective of the group as a whole, the differences are statistically insignificant.

What if the test subject's internet connection goes down?

Internet outage does not affect the ScioLink exam. During a two-hour exam, a short-term outage will affect a significant percentage of participants. In conventional LMS and proctoring applications, this can disrupt data integrity, but ScioLink continuously stores unsubmitted data in the web browser memory during the exam - even during an internet outage. When the connection is restored, the data is securely uploaded to the server.

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