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Are you interested in how online testing works in practice on the part of both students and faculty? Read articles, interviews and case studies about our experiences, news and trends in this area, which we regularly prepare for you.

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What is proctoring and how it makes online testing easier

During the attendance tests, the regularity is supervised by an educator or trained specialist. But if a college entrance exam or a similarly important test takes place remotely via a computer, online proctoring ensures control. Find out what this method of supervision entails, how it works, which type of tests it is suitable for, or what role artificial intelligence (AI) has.

case study

Online admissions to the Faculty of Medicine in Martina: more applicants for studies and instead of 30 people only 4 employees solve tests

Since the pandemic, we have been cooperating with the Jessenia Faculty of Medicine at the University of Martina. We provide online entrance exams for study programmes in Slovak and English. Thanks to ScioLink, only a fraction of the employees handle receivers and the number of applicants for studies has increased by 5%. Read the details of long-term cooperation with the Slovak University.

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence does not make decisions on its own. But it significantly helps people

Artificial intelligence (AI) needs mantinels. We therefore welcome the European Parliament's efforts to provide a transparent environment for the use of AI in education. Our proctoring solution uses AI to monitor the regularity of the test — but artificial intelligence is only an assistant that makes people's work easier. It is they, trained evaluators, who decide if the applicant has played by the rules.

entrance exams

Online exams: when they pay the most

The greatest benefit is online testing with remote proctoring in college admissions, state schools and similar high-stakes exams. However, it also finds application in classifying students according to language skills or in corporate education. Find out when a solution like ScioLink makes sense for you.


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