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Technology is a tool that can do great things under good guidance.
We ensure fair and transparent university entrance exams thanks to them.

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We are part of the Scio family and draw on the experience of experts who have been innovating education for almost 30 years. We are working with Born Digital, a technology company with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, to develop ScioLink.

Michal Dorčák

ScioLink Project Manager

Kristýna Kulhánková

Testing Coordinator

Andrej Kutarňa

Communication Manager with Faculties

Tomáš Malovec

Executive Director Born Digital

René Souček

Lead Developer

Nela Koliášová

Product Manager


From pandemic to fine-tuned application

march 2020

Sudden change in the rules of the game

Covid-19 is spreading across Europe and Scio is solving a problem - how to organise National Benchmarking Exams if people can't get together in one room? We're not sticking our heads in the sand, we're starting to develop an online solution and setting up ScioLink.

zmena pravidel
ostry start

december 2021

Sharp application start

We are deploying ScioLink, the first generation of our online proctoring application that uses artificial intelligence from Czech company Born Digital. In the next period, it will handle 60,000 online exams for 11 faculties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

november 2023

Second generation of ScioLink

Thousands of successfully tested students and collaboration with dozens of faculties gives us valuable feedback. It's helped us improve our app design, add advanced methods for detecting suspicious behavior, and speed up the availability of technical support.

druha generace

From pandemic to fine-tuned application

Years of experience developing and using a proctoring application for universities in one document. Save hours of searching for resources and learn the essentials.

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Od pandemie k vyladene aplikaciOd pandemie k vyladene aplikaci


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